Help your children reach their full academic

and socio-emotional potential


Is it becoming a daily challenge for your child to get through a simple school assignment, and you’re not sure what you—or your child—is doing wrong?

You’re both trying hard, but the last report card showed otherwise. You feel like you should talk to someone at the school and have your child tested, but for what, and how?

The next thing you know, you’re in a conference facing the school psychologist, the resource teacher, and the classroom teacher.  They’re reviewing test results, and even though you’re nodding your head, their clinical terminology is going way over it.

Maybe you’re a teacher struggling to identify learning issues in your classroom. You might be striving to reach students with IEPs or accommodations, but you need some new strategies.

Whether you’re a parent who is trying to decipher diagnostic test results or an educator looking for support, The ABCs of Learning Issues is the practical guide that identifies behaviors and suggests strategies to use at home and in the classroom.

ABCs of learning issues

The ABCs of Learning Issues will help you and your child

When your child struggles with learning, it’s a struggle for all of you: the student, the teacher, and the parents.  Often times it feels like there are more questions than there are answers.

If you feel overwhelmed by the questions, The ABCs of Learning has the answers. Written by Dana Stahl, M.Ed., who overcame her own learning disabilities as a child, this book will give you a better grasp of your child’s unique learning style and empower you to help your child succeed:

  • Understand behaviors your child may exhibit in school and at home
  • Learn the specific language and clinical terminology used on formal evaluations and in school settings
  • See real-life examples provided by clinicians and educators to use as reference points
  • Find ways to collaborate with your school
  • Prepare necessary information for conferences, consultations, and meetings
  • Practice various strategies for use at home or in class
  • Provides parents with a valuable tool that increases their understanding of learning issues,
  • Offers a framework in which to identify and incorporate effective strategies when helping your children
  • Assists them in learning how to work directly with their school in a cooperative and collaborative manner
  • FAQs with in-depth responses
  • An extensive list of professional resources
  • A sample letter for requesting help along with a script to jump-start future conversations with educators and clinicians.

What they are saying about The ABCs of Learning Issues

“This magnificent contribution to understanding and embracing the diversity among people with disabilities will prove a timeless resource on the issue of multicultural and global importance,”

Dr. George HaggertyPresident Beacon CollegeDistrict Administration

Definitely this ABCs provides a plethora of resources to guide us through the terrain when we confront the challenge of parenting a child who though bright, creative, and loved, needs a “different way to learn.”

“The ABCs of Learning Issues by Dana Stahl, M.Ed. provides a practical guide and concrete strategies to help children reach their full potential at school”

“Available in English and Spanish, this practical guide helps parents understand common learning disabilities and behaviors they may observe at home and hear about from teachers.”

“The book describes each learning issue in layman’s terms, as well as provides clinical and educator definitions. It also offers a robust ‘Resource’ section that includes a glossary, tips for parents to effectively communicate with their children’s schools, and a list of organizations that can provide assistance.”

“Available in Spanish and English, the ABC of learning challenges also offers effective teaching strategies that can be used at school and at home, and recommends a set of professionals who can provide guidance on problem treatments. specific learning”

“This book is a super resource for anyone whose child has learning issues. It is well organized, easy to understand and chocked full of useful information.”

From the little details you absolutely need as a way to manage it all, to the big picture of your child’s path to success, this will be your go-to book from Dana Stahl, learning specialist and Educational Consultant!

We love it!

“This book is like a dictionary for parents trying to understand the alphabet soup of education. It is very easy to use and understand, and could be an important tool for families trying to understand the terminology that teachers and administrators use when talking about their students.”

“Thoroughly ‘reader friendly’ in organization and presentation, The ABCs of Learning Issues is an ideal and unreservedly recommended instructional guide and manual for parents of children with a learning disability. It is unreservedly recommended for school district, community, and academic library collections — and a ‘must read’ for any parent with a learning disabled child from kindergarten to 12th grade.

Helps parents understand common learning issues and behaviors. We love it!

This unique and personal dialogue underscores Stahl’s commitment to helping parents and professionals work together to support children with learning disabilities.

Clear, concise, practical guide to understanding learning challenges and styles. This book empowers parents with knowledge and realistic ideas for how to help their child find learning success.

About the author

Dana Stahl

Dana Stahl is a learning specialist, educational consultant and child/parent advocate. She has a Bachelor of Science in Special Education and a Master of Education degree in Diagnostic/Prescriptive Teaching.

As a child, Dana experienced learning issues firsthand. She was diagnosed with dyslexia and overcame her own learning disability to excel. Dana understands exactly what parents and students with learning issues are experiencing. Read more about Dana’s story here

The ABCs of Learning is as easy to use as ABC! 

You can look for the information you need and cross-reference issues quickly thanks to the color-coded tabs that link up everything from detailed explanations of learning issues and the educational topics that relate to them to corresponding behavioral issues and ways to implement strategies at home or in class.

A valuable tool for parents to help them understand various learning issues

Bridges the home-school gap by demystifying areas of concerns

Captures how parents and teachers can work together helping children reach their academic potential

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