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Helping LD Students Deal with the Social & Emotional Side of Applying to Colleges

DysgraphiaThe social/emotional component of learning disabled students when applying to colleges is often fraught with fear and apprehension beyond what their non-learning disabled peers experience. After all, the application process demands solid skills in executive functioning, organization, time management, processing speed, reading comprehension skills, written language skills, working memory and mature social judgment.

LD candidates often worry that they are unable to meet expectations and feel overwhelmed when and moving through the various stages of the college application process. Read more

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Is This Your Child? Behavioral and Learning Issues Educators Observe in The Classrooms

Parents are often alarmed by the observations educators report regarding the behaviors of their children in school. It may be that your child is having an off day, but if these behaviors remain persistent, it may be time to explore what the learning issues are and how best to implement effective teaching strategies to deal with them. Read more

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Determined to Learn

As a young child, I received inadequate treatment for my learning disability. It was not until I was ten years old that a proper assessment and an appropriate treatment plan were initiated to begin remediating my disability. I was diagnosed as being dyslexic. Before I was tutored, I would close my eyes, see darkness and be unable to visually conceptualize any words. My reading comprehension and retention was below average, preventing me from following written directions for class assignments. My reading difficulties particularly affected my math performance, for I was unable to follow directions. I recall not having adequate concept of numerical values as represented by their accompanying symbols. Due to these learning deficits in both reading and math, elementary school entailed frustrating and often terrifying experiences. Read more