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  • Is Your Child Having Difficulties Keeping Up In School

  • Are They Anxious About Work Or Assignments

  • Do You Need Help Understanding Educational Evaluations

  • Do You Have An Exceptional Child That Would Benefit From A Specialized Learning Environment?

You Are Not Alone…There is help available

My name is Dana Stahl. I’m an educational consultant, learning specialist and child/parent advocate. If you are here because you are concerned with your child’s academic performance, I can help. I know what you are going through. I dealt with my own learning disabilities as a child. I know first hand the frustration and anxiety you and your child are experiencing.

As an experienced educational consultant, I can help you with assessing your child’s needs, advocating for you and your child in your school system, placing your child in an appropriate learning environment and coaching you and your child through a challenging process.

If you need help understanding and interpreting formal evaluations and reports, I can summarize them in a language allowing you to understand your child’s diagnosis, strengths and vulnerabilities.

As a learning specialist and advocate, I will attend CSE meetings to fight for your child’s rights to receive appropriate classifications and accommodations.

If your child needs a specialized learning environment I’ve personally visited over 100 special learning schools and have first-hand knowledge of their programs.

If your child needs a specialized learning environment, I have visited over 100 schools and programs.

If you want your child to increase their social-emotional and academic skill sets, they may benefit from one-on-one coaching. I follow students and walk them through challenging transitions and educational crossroads.

It is important to realize there is help available. You do not have to face this alone.

How Can EA  Help You and Your Child? 

  • Advocate for You and Your Child With Your School System

    Liaison Between Home and School

  • Identify Suitable Day & Boarding Schools

    PG Programs, LD Colleges, Support Programs for Exceptional Students

  • One on One Coaching

    For LD, ADHD, Autism and EF Advising as well as Family Support 

Why Work With An Educational Consultant?

Parents are frequently confused by the behavior of their children that may be triggered by school-based challenges. Their children often display these behaviors at home when confronted with school assignments, tests, and projects. Parents repeatedly witness the frustration, anxiety, and apprehension about school-related tasks that their children exhibit.

By recognizing and identifying specific learning issues and behaviors, parents can discuss their observations teachers, promoting a dialogue that can lead to appropriate academic interventions and accommodations.

When parents become familiar and comfortable with their understanding of their children’s’ learning issues, and social- emotional needs, formal diagnostic assessment and appropriate school placement will be more effective.

If you would like to discuss your child’s educational needs please contact me for an consultation.

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What EA’s Clients Say

“Dana began working with my daughter, when she was struggling in 1st grade. She is now a freshman at high school and still applies the skills and rules that Dana taught her back in elementary school. She is a confident young lady who loves school and is looking forward to college. Dana gave her a lot of confidence in her skills and abilities and helped her work through her challenges whilst maintaining her self-esteem.”
Catherine-Katonah, NY
“Dana is a truly gifted individual who possesses the skills, professionalism and positive approach that enables parents to find answers. We would highly recommend Dana’s services to anyone. Because of Dana, our son has transitioned to fourth grade socially, emotionally and academically. Now, each day brings new excitement, new discoveries, new learning for our son. He is filled with a sense of achievement that motivates him, and we couldn’t be happier.”
Rona-San Francisco, CA
“Dana Stahl was a great help in the college search and application process. Because she had worked with my son providing academic support, she knew him well and was able to suggest schools that would be appropriate for him. Dana always advocated for him and was very caring and supportive through the application process, keeping him on track throughout and making sure every detail was taken care of. The result was his Early Decision acceptance at the school he most wanted to attend!”
Sarah- Hastings-on-Hudson, NY
“Having worked with Dana Stahl for several years, I have always been impressed by her advocacy for her students. Her background as a learning specialist has provided Dana with an understanding of the meaning of Psychoeducational and Neuropsychoeducational reports. She also has the ability to articulate these results in a clear and concise manner. All of this enables her to help students become successful and be placed in the right learning environment. As a member of the admissions team at The Hackley School, Dana was an invaluable resource.”
Dan-Westchester, NY

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