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Find The Right School or Program Placement For Your Child

When a school district determines that a child is eligible for special education, it will also decide which learning environment and special services are appropriate. For many students, the best school for children with learning disabilities is the general education classroom in their local public school with special education support.

If this is the case with your child, EA will ensure that an IEP (Individual Education Plan) is implemented that includes specific accommodations and services that your child is eligible to receive. If, in time, you are not satisfied with the educational services and program that your child is receiving in the public schools, it may be time to explore alternative educational settings.

As a professional educational consultant, I can help you to find the right academic setting and educational placement for your child. There are many choices, so it’s important to work with someone who has actually seen these schools and understands each of these programs’ strengths, and vulnerabilities.

The different types of schools with programs for children with learning disabilities include:

  • ·         Day Schools

    ·         Boarding Schools

    ·         LD Colleges, and

    ·         Post Grad Programs

What if the IEP Isn’t Working?

Maybe public school isn’t working for your child. The evaluations, the IEP, the small classes, speech therapy, and accommodations are all in place. And yet, your child is still falling behind. You feel you’ve got to make a change.

In this case you need to work with your school system to get them to recognize this. There are a few dispute resolution mechanisms provided. It is important that you follow the procedure otherwise, you can jeopardize the chances of the school district paying for your child’s placement in a private school.

How to Determine Which School is Right For Your Child

It’s important to know which schools have the right programs to help your child. Some schools may not be good with your child’s disability and may not even accept someone with a particular disability.

EA Can Helpschool for learning disabilities

There are many websites offering assistance with picking out a school for learning disabilities. However, without someone actually talking with you and your child and reviewing the assessments and IEP, it would be difficult to know if the school was right for your child. You also do not want someone who is recommending a school that they haven’t actually seen.

I’ve personally toured over 100 schools across the country and only recommend those that best match your child’s needs. I am always touring new schools and observing their programs in action.

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