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When Do I Need An Educational Advocate?

You need an educational advocate in order to get the best possible outcome for your child.  The legal process your school is required to go through can be confusing. All of this uncertainty can lead to stress and frustration.

Does the formal testing indicate that your child has a learning disability and/or qualifies for special education services? Who determines the appropriate accommodations and interventions for your child? Who will make these decisions and how will they be decided? What if you do not agree with these decisions on how best to service your child needs? What other options are available when I do not agree with the school’s recommendations?

These are all questions that I can help you answer. These are concerns that I can help quell.

EA Will Help You To Navigate and Negotiate The Special Education Process

During our initial consultation, I will make sure that you fully understand the evaluations and your child’s diagnosis, strengths, and vulnerabilities. Together, we can then determine what action we want to take.

As your advocate, I will be with you every step of the way. I will accompany you to meetings, draft letters and review documents ensuring that you understand exactly what your school recommending. Public schools are required to give your child a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). EA will work tirelessly to make sure your child obtains the program, placement, and services to which they are entitled.

EA has worked with numerous public and private schools and will ensure that your school understands exactly what actions and outcomes you want for your child. EA will also collaborate with your educational attorney and ensure that your advocacy team is speaking with one voice.

“Dana worked as an advocate for our family, acting as a liaison between home and school, assisting in our process to assure that he received appropriate accommodations and therapeutic interventions. Dana is a truly gifted individual who possesses the skills, professionalism and positive approach that enables parents to find answers. We would highly recommend Dana’s services to anyone.”

Anatomy of the Individualized Education Program

The Individualized Education Program is a detailed document that spells out all of the steps that the school is taking to help your child. It can include the special education services being provided as well as the accommodations and modifications to the general learning environment.

What You Can Expect To Find In An Individualized Education Program (IEP)

  • Student Information

    This section includes your child’s information and IEP team memebrs

  • Present Level of Education Performance

    Includes your child’s current abilities, skills, strengths, weaknesses, social skills, and behavior

  • Annual Goals

    What academic and behavioral skills your child can reasonably expect to achieve during the school year

  • Progress Goals

    How you will be informed about your child’s progress

  • Services

    What special education services your child will get and for how long. Any services outside the school year like summer school, and any transition plan for life after school.

  • Supplementary Aids and Services

    What accommodations and modifications of the learning environment your child will receive such as a seat in the front or less homework.

  • Participation

    How much will your child participate in the regular classroom.

Individual Education Program