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LD Coaching—-ADHD Coaching—-Autism Advisor

As your coach or advisor EA will follow your child, helping them transition from one stage of life to another. An educational transition can be difficult but  we will work with your child to make them as smooth as possible. EA will also assist them in making personal gains by meeting academic standards in school and social standards in the world.

We’ll will work directly with families to organize and establish routines in your home and school facilitating academic and social progress. Individual coaching can foster specific gains in specified areas helping your child move from being a dependent learner to an independent individual.

Coaching Also Helps With

  • Help Students Transition to Appropriate Programs

    Essential to ensure successful and meaningful experiences.

  • Facilitate Search For The Next School Placement

    Identify colleges, gap year, or postgraduate programs.

  • Petition College Board and ACT

    For accommodations based on professional recommendations

  • Facilitate application process

    Including essay development and interview strategies

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The steps you take now will impact

your child’s entire life.

Help them reach their full potential