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Dana Stahl professional educational consultant

Dana Stahl is a learning specialist, educational consultant and child/parent advocate. She has a Bachelor of Science from Boston University in Special Education and a Master of Education degree in Diagnostic/Prescriptive Teaching from The College of William and Mary.

In 2005, Dana developed a private practice in Katonah, New York, working directly with children ages four to 18 on developing their academic skill set and preparing them for their next educational crossroad. Dana’s in-depth background in the field of learning disabilities affords her the opportunity to provide a wide array of academic interventions.

As a child, Dana experienced learning issues firsthand. Before she was diagnosed, she struggled to convey her challenges with her teachers and family. In first grade in 1966, three years after dyslexia was an officially recognized diagnosis, Dana was placed in the untenable position of having to demonstrate that she was bright, competent, and capable even though reading was nearly impossible.

As a child/parent advocate, she understands the concerns parents have with their child’s academic performance. She knows what they are going through and the frustration and anxiety that parents and their child are experiencing because she had to deal with her own profound learning disabilities.

As a learning specialist, Dana regularly reads psychoeducational and neuropsychoeducational evaluations of students and then writes a summary of the students’ strengths and vulnerabilities, assessing whether their educational profiles are an appropriate match to the curricular demands of the schools to which they are applying.

Dana accompanies parents to CSE meetings and fights for the rights of children to receive appropriate classifications and accommodations. On behalf of her clients, she also petitions the College Board and ACT for specific accommodations on PSAT’s, SAT’s and ACT’s.

Dana is a member of  IECA, NATSAP, and CEC. Dana is on the Board of Directors of Thistlewaithe Learning Center, a Montessori school for children ages three to six in Westchester County, New York.

Since 2014, Dana has visited over 100 schools that offer special learning environments. She can help parents find appropriate programs and placements for their child, adolescent or young adult, identifying placements in LD day schools, boarding schools, postgraduate and gap year programs as well as colleges with LD support. She can then secure the placement by working closely with families, counselors and learning specialists to assure a successful admission to a supportive social-emotional and educational environment.

Dana’s observations in visiting these schools enabled her to ascertain the gap between home and school communication due largely to the schools’ inability to adequately describe students’ learning issues in a clear and concise manner. Dana also realized that parents were challenged by their inability to articulate their children’s academic, behavioral and social-emotional observations. To address these needs, Dana created The ABC’s of Learning Issues for parents and BOXES for educators.

With Dana’s vast personal and professional experiences, she can assure that her clients receive sound educational advice, advocacy and placement. Dana’s commitment to helping children at various stages of their lives allows her to guide parents in assisting their children through their educational journey.


Dana can be reached at Educational Alternatives LLC in her home office in Katonah, New York.


Mission Statement

Educational Alternatives LLC allows parents the opportunity to seek and find an appropriate educational program and placement for their child, adolescent, or young adult. Placements in day schools, boarding schools, post graduate and gap year programs, as well as colleges with learning support, are identified and secured by working closely with families, counselors, and learning specialists, assuring a successful admission to a supportive social-emotional and educational environment. Life coaching and counseling for children with learning disabilities, ADHD and Autism is provided.

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