Educational Advice

From Dana Stahl

Hi! I’m Dana Stahl, a learning specialist, and educational consultant. I address educational questions and concerns that parents have regarding their children’s academic development, interpretation and analysis of educational evaluations, advocacy concerns, and school searches.

Topics can range from

  • ‘How to handle homework’ dilemmas to’?educational advice
  • ‘What ‘questions to ask at a CSE meeting’?
  •  ‘What’s the best way for parents to advocate for their children’?
  • ‘How can parents interpret formal tests that have been administered’?
  • ‘What schools and colleges are right for my child’?

If you have questions about issues affecting your child’s education, I am the person to ask. I will post answers as soon as I can on a regular basis, and I welcome the opportunity to begin a dialog with the community. You are not alone or unique in your concerns and shared experiences can help everyone.

Your questions and concerns will remain anonymous, and if you don’t want your questions shared just mark it private.

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