• Is your child stuggling in school?
  • Are you concerned your child may have a learning issue or disability?
  • Are you unsure of how to help your child reach their full academic potential?

The ABCs of Academic Success Course Transforms You and Your Child from Overwhelmed to Confident and Successful.

Empowers You to Effectively Support and Advocate for Your Child

Reduces Feeling Overwhelmed and Creates Confidence and Success for Both You and Your Child

Teaches you How to Identify and Manage Behaviors Associated with Learning, Attention, and Anxiety Issues

Provides You with Tools to Identify, Recognize, and Deal with Specific Learning Issues

Offers Effective Teaching Strategies for Parents to Work with Your Child

Models How Parents and Professionals Can Partner Together to Help Your Child Feel and Be Successful

Includes Sample Letter Templates to Seek Support and Ask for Help

Provides a Glossary of Educational Terms so That you Clearly Understand the Conversations at School Meetings

Includes a FREE 15 Minute Consultation with Dana Stahl About Your Child on Skype, Zoom, Phone or Email